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CDL Technical Requirements for Vendors – Revised and Improved!

By Holly Eggleston, Electronic Resource Analyst

An updated version of the Technical Requirements for Licensed Resources document has been posted to

The Technical Requirements document is primarily intended for new and continuing vendors of CDL’s licensed electronic resources, but it’s worth a read by those interested in how we set expectations for these vendors. This document summarizes the major technical issues considered by the CDL during our decision-making process, and offers vendors insight into our preferred solutions, why they’re important to the University of California, and what their implications are for prospective vendors.

The CDL sets a high standard for vendors that ultimately benefits all academic customers and leads to more competitive products for the publisher or vendor.

Major changes:

  1. Combines the previous two format-specific versions for ejournals and databases into a single document
  2. Collocation of similar, related issues for ease of review and distribution
  3. Substantial updates and additions to several sections, including:
    1. Shibboleth
    2. Remote Access
    3. Accessibility / ADA Compliance
    4. Mobile Computing

For questions and comments about the Technical Requirements document, please contact