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CDLers (and UCSBer) in Print

The latest D-Lib magazine is a special issue devoted to Research Data. It has an international list of authors, including a few from close to home.

John Kunze and Patricia Cruse, University of California Curation Center; and Greg Janée, University of California Curation Center and University of California at Santa Barbara are co-authors (along with others) on a paper describing DataONE, a federated data network that is being built to improve access to, and preserve data about, life on Earth and the environment that sustains it. DataONE supports science by: (1) engaging the relevant science, library, data, and policy communities; (2) facilitating easy, secure, and persistent storage of data; and (3) disseminating integrated and user-friendly tools for data discovery, analysis, visualization, and decision-making. The paper provides an overview of the DataONE architecture and community engagement activities. The role of identifiers in DataONE and the policies and procedures involved in data submission, curation, and citation are discussed for one of the affiliated data centers. Finally, the paper highlights EZID, a service that enables digital object producers to easily obtain and manage long-term identifiers for their digital content. Read the article, DataONE: Data Observation Network for Earth — Preserving Data and Enabling Innovation in the Biological and Environmental Sciences.

Joan Starr is a co-author of the article, isCitedBy: A Metadata Scheme for DataCite.  The DataCite Metadata Scheme is being designed to support dataset citation and discovery. It features a small set of mandatory properties, and an additional set of optional properties for more detailed description. Among these is a powerful mechanism for describing relationships between the registered dataset and other objects. The scheme is supported organizationally and will allow for community input on an ongoing basis.

Congratulations, all.