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Beyond Coffee: 9 Ways to Survive Monday Morning

You like your job but even so, Monday morning can arrive as a bit of a shock to the system. You sprint into the weekend, have a fun if exhausting time, and try not to think about the work-week ahead. You return to work on Monday, one foot in the weekend world and one foot in the work world, and you’re finding it hard to pick up where you left off on Friday. Before you know it, the morning is gone and you don’t have much to show for it.

Is there a better way? What’s the gentlest and most productive way to turn your Monday into an on-ramp to a successful week? We’ve collected some wisdom from the blogosphere. Some of this advice will resonate with you and some won’t; everyone has their own idea of what Monday means to them and how to make it better.

9 Tips for a Kinder, Gentler Monday

1. Do catch-up work quietly for the first half of the day — read email, newsletters, blogs, and articles. Recharge your imagination and then plan for the week.

2. Schedule Monday meetings after lunch, not before. You and everyone else will be sharper, crisper, and less crabby after easing into the morning.

3. Take control of your own priorities. Don’t react right away to every email and every perceived crisis. Do the work you planned to do, and check email when you come up for air. Many times, the crisis has dissipated.

4. Plan a midday walk with a co-worker to talk about your joint project. You can get as much done as if you were sitting down; you’ll build camaraderie; and the fresh air will do you good.

5. Schedule a workplace event you can look forward to, like lunch with one of your favorite co-workers or a potluck with your team.

6. Use Friday to plan for the next week. Prepare a to-do list with priorities assigned; clean up half-done work; and tie up loose ends. Organize your work space, your email folders, and your piles of paper.

7. Create comforting rituals, one before you leave home, one when you get to work, that signal a transition from one space to another.

8. Get ready on Sunday. Get up early on Sunday to reset your body clock. Finish chores, straighten the house, and pack your tote or briefcase. If you care about fashion, plan your wardrobe to wear your best “go-get’em” outfit.

9. Practice gratefulness. Consider the many people out of work who would love to be in your shoes. Walk through the door of your office with a smile and recognize the wonderful opportunities you have waiting for you this week.

What do you do to make your Mondays calm and productive? Please share your comments below!

Maybe this quote will cheer you up:

I always give 100% at work:
13% Monday
22% Tuesday
26% Wednesday
35% Thursday
4% Friday
author unknown

Now It’s Your Turn

1. Read these blog posts to find ideas that resonate with you:

2. Plan one thing you’ll do differently to ease into Monday.

3. Do it! See how you feel.