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CDL Users Council: You can view this year’s sessions

By Ellen Meltzer, Information Services Manager

From your desktop, you can attend sessions on CDL program activities tailored for Users Council.   UC campuses and selected California institutions have a Users Council member who monitors communications to and from the CDL, serves as a local expert on CDL activities, and performs other activities between the CDL and the institution.  CDL usually hosts an annual Users Council meeting in Oakland, California each spring.  Because of fiscal stringencies this year, however, instead of hosting a face-to-face meeting, CDL utilized web conferencing software, ReadyTalk, to host our sessions.

You can learn more about CDL programs by viewing the web streamed and PowerPoint presentations available on the Users Council website

Sessions this year covered CDL Publishing Services; Discovery & Delivery; the University of California Curation Center (UC3); Digital Special Collections; mass digitization and HathiTrust; collection negotiations, purchasing and licensing; and a round robin with input from Users Council members.

CDL is in the process of surveying the effectiveness of this method of delivering and exchanging information.