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Project Management Skills Survey

By Joan Starr, Manager of CDL Strategic and Project Planning

Improving the outcome of projects in and across the UC Libraries is increasingly important. The Systemwide Operations Planning and Advisory Group [SOPAG] favors developing a common set of project management skills among library staff members across the UC campuses and CDL. SOPAG and the University Librarians are addressing this issue through the formation of a task force whose charge includes identifying staff that currently possess project management skills.

The Project Management Skills Task Force, which I chair, has two other members: Adrian Petrisor from UC Irvine, and Mary Linn Bergstrom from UC San Diego. We’ve been asked to:

  • inventory the campuses and CDL and determine the need for and current level of project management skills,
  • analyze and recommend a suite of project management skills that address campus and systemwide needs, and
  • develop an ongoing framework for:
    • identifying and/or conducting skill building opportunities,
    • assigning skilled staff to collaborative systemwide projects in a timely way,
    • identifying people with project management skills, on an ongoing basis.

In January, we are conducting a project management skills survey of staff members identified by SOPAG or Library Technology Advisory Group (LTAG) representatives as having led or been part of a leadership team for a project or initiative in the library in the last 24 months. The survey responses are confidential, and will be used (in aggregate) to assess existing project management skill levels across the UC Libraries and in developing a framework for identifying and/or conducting skill building opportunities.

If you did not receive the survey but you are interested in completing it, or if you have questions about it, please feel free to contact any one of us.

Joan Starr, Task Force Chair
Mary Linn Bergstrom
Adrian Petrisor