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Want to know what’s happening at the CDL? Here’s your chance!

By Ellen Meltzer, Manager, Information Services

Attendees at this year’s lively Users Council meeting in Oakland (April 10, 2009) learned about an array of CDL programs and services and how they interact with our campuses, partners, and other national and international initiatives.  Participants also had the opportunity to chat and interact with the speakers and each other.

You can see the presentations, too, on these topics:

eScholarship Publishing Services: New & Enhanced – Elise Proulx, Outreach & Marketing Coordinator, eScholarship Publishing Program

Bibliographic Services: What we do for you: Next Generation Melvyl, Melvyl, Request, UC-eLinks – Leslie Wolf & Lena Zentall, Project Managers, Bibliographic Services

Re-envisioning Digital Preservation: Web Archiving Services – Perry Willett, Digital Preservation Services Manager and Tracy Seneca, Web Archiving Coordinator

Digital Special Collections: OAC Redesign; UC Image Service Update – Rosalie Lack, Director, Digital Special Collections

Re-envisioning (and Re-purposing) Collections: including Mass Digitization, Google, and the HathiTrust – Ivy Anderson, Director, Collection Development & Management

What does it all mean? CDL Overview – Laine Farley, Executive Director

Full notes, including questions and answers, and slides are available at