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NISC Databases Transitioning to EBSCOhost Research Platform

By Ellen Meltzer, Manager, Information Services

NISC USA resources have been purchased by EBSCO and will be transitioning to the EBSCOhost Research platform on April 17, 2009.  CDL has created interim screens from the links to these databases in the Melvyl Catalog.  The interim screens link to both platforms, which will run in parallel through April 16.  If campuses are currently using a direct URL to the NISC database, they may wish to change to the persistent identifiers (PIDs) in their lists of databases, guides, etc.  On April 17th, the PIDs will change automatically to the new EBSCOhost URLs for each database.

The databases involved include:


* Note:  The Black Studies Database was not purchased by EBSCO and will not continue on the NISC platform beyond April 17.  The suggested replacement for NISC’s Black Studies Database is the Black Studies Center via ProQuest.

Campuses may have other locally licensed NISC databases, and should contact their NISC representatives for further information.