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Melvyl Software/Hardware Upgrades

The Melvyl Catalog version 16.2 of the software is now projected to be released in late summer 2007. Work has been ongoing at the CDL to install copies of the software in multiple environments (development, staging, production); convert the user interface; reindex the catalog; and run quality assurance (QA) tests. These operations combined have taken months to accomplish.

In addition to ongoing in-house QA testing at the CDL, campus librarians helped considerably by testing in specialized areas such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages; music; and government documents formats.

The catalog is also being moved from IBM to Sun servers.

The look and feel of the catalog will remain the same; there will be some enhancements in areas such as

  • The order and spacing of the holdings displays,
  • The indexing of Integrating Resources; examples of integrating resources include updating loose-leafs and updating Web sites,
  • View and navigation of “Previous” and “Next” buttons,
  • Enhancements brought on by reindexing of the entire database,
  • Display of UC-eLinks button from the Full Record (Details/Location) page.