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CDL Database Transitions

a. Current Contents and INSPEC via Ovid now Available

Current Contents and INSPEC will now be accessible via Ovid’s interface, beginning April 11, 2002 with UC-eLinks activated for links to full electronic text and holdings.  A link to Request will not be turned on at this time, since the level of detail necessary for this service to operate smoothly is not currently present.  For more information on UC-eLinks, see

Resource Liaisons Beth Weil, UCB (Current Contents) and Diane Fortner, UCB (INSPEC) have created guides to the Ovid versions of these databases, which can be found on the CDL Adaptable Outreach and Instructional Materials web page

See item 6 below for detailed descriptions of the two new versions of the databases.

b. IEEE Journals are now Linked via UC-eLinks

The IEEE journals are now available via UC-eLinks.  Access to the full electronic content of these journals is especially important now that Current Contents and INSPEC, which both cite these journals heavily, are available with UC-eLinks