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University of California's direct connection to articles

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UC-eLinks connects scholars directly with articles and ebooks by providing an easy way to move from an article or book citation to the actual publication.

Since UC-eLinks debuted in 2002, we’ve seen shifts in the way scholars do research. Discovery and delivery have merged — researchers expect access to publications at the same time as they find them. They prefer articles that are available immediately online.

UC-eLinks lets users:

  • Seamlessly discover and access publications
  • Check to see if an item is available in the UC libraries
  • Request items not available on their home campuses

UC-eLinks runs on SFX software from Ex Libris. Learn more about what UC-eLinks does.

Use UC-eLinks

Citation Linker for Researchers

Citation Linker for ILL Staff

CDL A-Z ejournal lists

ejournals licensed by CDL (updated weekly).

Campus A-Z ejournal lists

ejournals licensed by each campus (plus CDL titles).

bX Hot Articles

Sample “tile” showing popular articles in broad subject areas.

Top Ten Targets

Top 10 places linked to, July – September 2020

  1. Request
  2. ScienceDirect
  3. Wiley Online Journals
  4. Melvyl
  5. American Chemical Society Journals
  6. Taylor and Francis Journals
  7. Campus OPACS (III)
  8. EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  9. Sage Journals
  10. Free Medical Journals

Top Ten Sources

Top 10 places linked from, July – September 2020

  1. PubMed
  2. Web of Science
  3. Google Scholar
  4. Shared Cataloging Program 856 fields
  5. Chemical Abstracts
  6. Reaxys # ScienceDirect # UC Berkeley Oskicat
  7. Proquest PsycInfo
  8. Source unknown
  9. Melvyl (UCLA)
  10. Wiley
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