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SCP Update – March 2024

Highlights on Titles Cataloged for CDL-Managed
Electronic Collections in February 2024

  • Archives of Latin American and Caribbean History, Sixteenth to Twentieth
    Century: 36
  • CRL Global Press Archive 5
  • CNPe-Reading (易阅通) (Local-L DDA): 123
  • IEEE Electronic Library (IEL) Conference Proceedings: 263
  • JSTOR 19th Century British Pamphlets: 9 (new)
  • JSTOR Books DDA: 313
  • JapanKnowledge 史料纂集 (Shiryō Sanshū) (Local-L): 22 (new)
  • KinoDen: 7
  • Middle Eastern & North African Newspapers Open Access: 79 (new)
  • Open access resource selected by the UC Libraries (Local-OA): 19
  • Wiley Online Library Frontlist All English Titles 2023: 6 (GOBI)
  • Collection level bibliographic records: 12

Highlights on Cataloging OA resources:

  • CRL Global Press Archive: It is a mix of CRL IP-restricted and open access content that will be produced over several years. CDL ERT has reviewed and identified phase 1 & phase 2 collections for CRL-wide and open access. SCP has been cataloging these collections and has set access in the Alma Network Zone.
  • BUDA (Buddhist Digital Archives): Resource transition from formally Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (TBRC) Core Text Collections 1-9 (or 1-10). Now the platform changed its name to BUDA (Buddhist Digital Archives) with expanded content beyond Tibetan Buddhism for free access with a registered account required to download full text. However, because CDL purchased content and we have IP access that gives us FT downloads without registering.

Highlights on Other Activities:

  • PID testing: Based on the survey to campuses that PID server is still needed, CDL has rewritten and fixed some issues in staging for PID services. SCP catalogers were invited to test the new server from the new login feature to normal tasks including batch updating URLs. The testing is going well. CDL has been able to address all but one issue the testing discovered and is continuing to work on the remaining issue. We hope to have another update on the software status later.
  • Removing 930$g: SCP proposal to stop using 930$g: Before migration, SCP has used 930 $g to indicate the status for a serial in a serial package: code a=active, i=inactive, m=moving wall. It was used for statistics purposes for some campuses. After migration, serial coverages are recorded in portfolios; most CDL serials are CZ managed bib records with CZ portfolios and don’t have SCP 930 field. After getting approval from SCP-AC, SCP has removed 930$g in 30,000+ NZ serial records.
  • CDL Acquisitions reports migrating to Alma Analytics: The CDL Acquisitions unit has released draft financial reports built in Alma Analytics to campuses for review and feedback. These reports will be revised and ready for use in fiscal year 2024/2025. A special information session will be held in April to preview the reports with incorporated campus suggestions and walk through the Alma processes behind them.


Report an Alma/Primo VE problem: This page outlines how and when campuses should report access issues to CDL. This page can be found under CDL’s Report a Problem page under “Report a SILS (Alma or Primo VE) Problem”.