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WEST Cycles 14 & 15 Unarchived Holdings Ingest is Complete!

In September WEST distributed a call to members to submit files of their unarchived print journal and serial holdings to seed the Cycles 14 & 15 collections analysis. Members’ files have been received and ingested in AGUA, completing the first major step in the analysis. WEST received files for 57 member OCLC symbols, including several new WEST members. Many thanks to everyone for their work extracting and submitting their data! In January, members will be asked to review the holdings locations identified in their files and make decisions about which locations should be included in the group analysis and which have materials that should be eligible for archiving proposal. The Project Team will be sharing more information about this process after the new year.

As communicated to members earlier this year, the Cycles 14 & 15 analysis will retain the priority established in Cycles 12 & 13 to identify scarcely held and unique materials in members’ collections. All members participating in the analysis are encouraged to participate as Archive Holders, which will allow the project team greater insight into individual collections to better identify and propose these unique and scarcely held materials for archiving. Participating in the analysis as an Archive Holder does not commit any member to archiving materials for WEST, but all members that are proposed materials to archive will be encouraged to commit to retain them. For a overview of WEST archiving and Archive Holder responsibilities, please see the WEST New Archive Holder Orientation session held in January 2023:

(Please note that some details are anticipated to change as a result of the Future of WEST strategic planning work that WEST has been engaged in over the course of 2023.)