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SCP Update – September 2023

Highlights on Titles Cataloged for CDL-Managed Electronic Collections in August 2023

  • ACM Digital Library Complete: 11
  • Airiti Books (華藝中文電子書) (Local-L DDA): 86
  • ASCE E-books and Standards 2019-2023: 2
  • Cambridge eBooks without Partner Presses: 2023 All eBooks: 341 (GOBI)
  • CNPe-Reading (易阅通) (Local-L DDA): 202
  • IEEE Electronic Library (IEL) Conference Proceedings: 313
  • JSTOR Books DDA: 303
  • National Academies Press: 12
  • Oxford Scholarship Online 2023 Frontlist: 123 (GOBI)
  • Taylor & Francis eBooks (STMnetbase/CRC Press) 2021-2023: 293
  • Wiley Online Library Frontlist All English Titles 2023: 72 (GOBI)
  • Collection level bib:

Highlights on Other Activities:

  • De Gruyter ebook trial on University Press Library has ended on August 31, 2023, titles from two CZ-activated collections associated with this trial have been deactivated and deleted from Network Zone.
  • U.S. Government Documents: CDL manages two collections for U.S. Gov. Doc.: the local MARCIVE collection (licensed to receive and load records from MARCIVE monthly), and a CZ-activated collection for US Gov Docs via migration. This results in duplicate search results in Primo. After communicating with campuses via SILS RM and SCP-AC, it was decided to keep the local MARCIVE collection. The CZ collection and its portfolios have been deactivated and removed.
  • Multipart collections: ERT has decided to determine cataloging for multipart collections on a case-by-case basis. We have explored and tested multipart collections from Gale and Newsbank in which each collection (module) has its own landing page. We have decided to provide bibliographic records for each collection and provide an access link to the main collection via public note. See example.
  • GOBI gap analyses of the 2022 frontlists of Springer English/International and German collections have been completed. Identified gap titles have been loaded into Alma. Thanks to Jason Chodur for getting the tasks done. ERT/SCP has an accumulated list of questions regarding GOBI services. We will meet with GOBI representatives in hopes of finding some answers.
  • JSTOR DDA: more publishers have added embargo periods, so there will be more work on reviewing and removing embargoed titles.
  • Update on Apabi bankruptcy: Access will continue on current platform till the end of December 2023. Since we received Apabi bankruptcy notice in April 2023, CDL ERT has been making ongoing efforts and communicating with Apabi, third parties and other libraries seeking solutions to preserve access to our entitled contents. Recently Bie-hwa Ma has gone through all the title lists we received in the last 14 years (2009-2023) and compiled and combined the title list of 16,000+ titles/volumes for the entire collection, doing a lot data normalization/transformation dealing with the challenge of data elements organized inconsistently, different title list formats, and missing essential metadata.
  • Presentation on Safeguard plan for e-resources at EAALC. Sherry Lochhaas, Bie-hwa Ma, and Shi Deng worked with two other UC colleagues on this presentation at the East Asian Academic Librarians of California (EAALC) annual meeting held on August 30-31, 2023. The presentation discussed the current and potential issues we faced with electronic resources, especially Chinese e-resources like Apabi, which filed bankruptcy (and we’ve bought a lot of books there!), and databases from CNKI, which are suspended until further notice due to government audits. Brings up a lot of questions on how to handle these situations from perpetual access rights in licensing terms to safeguard plans for preservation and activating perpetual access.
  • CDL Staff Update: CDL Shared Collections welcomes Carly Ryan, the Licensing Services Manager. She joined CDL on September 11, 2023. Before she joined CDL, she was the Licensing Contracts Manager at SCELC. See CDL Announcement.

Report an Alma/Primo VE problem: This page outlines how and when campuses should report access issues to CDL. This page can be found under CDL’s Report a Problem page under “Report a SILS (Alma or Primo VE) Problem”.