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SCP Update – August 2023

Highlights on Titles Cataloged for CDL-Managed Electronic Collections in July 2023

  • ACM Digital Library Complete: 92
  • Airiti Books (華藝中文電子書) (Local-L DDA): 30
  • ASCE E-books and Standards 2019-2023: 5
  • CNPe-Reading (易阅通) (Local-L DDA): 197
  • Dacheng Laojiukan Quanwen Shujuku (大成老旧刊全文数据库) (Local-L): 30
  • IEEE Electronic Library (IEL) Conference Proceedings: 208
  • JSTOR Books DDA: 301
  • Taylor & Francis eBooks (STMnetbase/CRC Press) 2021-2023: 919
  • Oxford Scholarship Online 2023 Frontlist: 129 (GOBI)
  • Springer English/International eBooks 2023 – Full Set: 797 (GOBI)
  • Springer German Language eBooks 2023 – Full Set: 197 (GOBI)
  • Wiley Online Library Frontlist All English Titles 2023: 40 (GOBI)
  • Collections: 2

Highlights on Other Activities:

  • End-of-year purchase collection launching is in process, along with evaluation of multi-part collections.
  • GOBI gap analysis for 2022 frontlist of Springer English and German Collections is in process.
  • U.S. Government Documents: CDL manages two collections for U.S. Gov. Doc.:  the local MARCIVE collection, licensed to receive and load records from MARCIVE monthly, and an activated CZ collection for US Gov Docs via migration. The CZ activated collection didn’t have many portfolios until May 2023 with a huge jump of numbers from ~3000 to ~250,000, resulting in duplicate search results in Primo. CDL has received a few helpline tickets on this issue. CDL has been gathering information about the quality of metadata of the CZ collection and found that most of these records have minimal metadata, such as title and publisher, some have ISBN or ISSN. ExLibris is working on getting enriched metadata from GPO, not MARCIVE, without a specific timeline. SCP has been communicating our findings with members of the SILS Resource Management operations subteam and SCP-AC. We ask campuses whether we should deactivate and remove the CZ collection.  
  • SCP records with physical formats: while pulling annual statistics, we found a small group of records with physical formats including MARCIVE records. SCP has finished cleanup all SCP records. For MARCIVE records with campuses’ holdings attached, SCP will pull together a file to give to campuses.
  • Update on the changes of SCP reports: Per UCD’s suggestion and SCP-AC members’ review and support, SCP updated its monthly statistical reports by adding a column for participating campuses for both reports, also a column for Collection level record on whether a collection is “CDI-only full text activation”
  • SCP related listservs:
    • SCPAC-L@LISTSERV.UCOP.EDU: SCP will start to manage SCP-AC listserv. Please request membership change to Shi Deng and Becky Culbertson
    • SCPSYS-L@LISTSERV.UCOP.EDU: SCP would like to know whether we should continue with this list, a list of SCP system liaisons for information related to the SCP file distribution before SILS migration. Please share your feedback to your campus’ SCP-AC member.   

Report an Alma/Primo VE problem: This page outlines how and when campuses should report access issues to CDL. This page can be found under CDL’s Report a Problem page under “Report a SILS (Alma or Primo VE) Problem”