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JSC Survey New Resources and OA Investments Announcement

FY22-23 New Resources – JSC Survey

CDL is pleased to announce new resources recently acquired by the UC Libraries for systemwide use by UC students and faculty. The selection of these resources was a collaborative effort involving all ten campuses, with input from the Joint Steering Committee for Shared Collections (JSC) and the Shared Content Leadership Group (SCLG). Thank you to SCLG, JSC, and the JSC subcommittee for vetting and identifying these high-value resources.

How did we decide to purchase these resources?

JSC and SCLG identified a variety of resources that would provide high value to the UC System, based on guiding principles such as ensuring equitable access to vital scholarly content across the system and advancing the diversity of voices represented in our collections.

In February 2023, JSC surveyed library staff from each UC campus and all Common Knowledge Groups (CKGs), soliciting recommendations for scholarly resources for systemwide acquisition. JSC ranked the campus responses, and CDL requested proposals from the vendors. The proposals were evaluated by CDL staff and JSC, and final recommendations were presented to SCLG for approval.

How are we paying for these resources?

All of the following resources were licensed with no costs borne by the campuses, thanks to a pooled fund established to support the needs of the UC collective and to improve systemwide access to important scholarly work. In addition, CDL is pleased to fund some acquisitions, and contribute to others, from its one-time content budget.

New Resources Purchased

A brief description of each resource follows. All were purchased using the pooled funds noted above unless otherwise indicated:

Adam Matthew (AM) logo   Adam Matthew (AM)

Module I: Research Collections from The Kinsey Institute Library & Special Collections

Module II: Self-Expression, Community, and Identity

Sex and Sexuality Module 1 & 2 Content

Period covered: Late 19th century – present day

GALE, A Cennage Company logoGale

Women’s Studies, Part 3: Rare Titles from the American Antiquarian Society, 1820-1922
Rare Titles from the American Antiquarian Society (1820-1922)
(title list) is the third installment of Gale’s Women’s Studies Archive series, covering the nineteenth and twentieth centuries across multiple disciplines, including literature studies, women’s history, gender studies, cultural studies, critical theory analysis, American history, media and journalism, politics, and sociology.

International Herald Tribune Historical Archive, 1887-2013

The International Herald Tribune Historical Archive (1887-2013) features the complete run of the International Herald Tribune from its origins as the European Edition of The New York Herald and later the European Edition of the New York Herald Tribune. The archive ends with the last issue of the International Herald Tribune before its relaunch as the International New York Times.

Kanopy logo with text below logo that says "Films that matter"Kanopy | kanopyBASE (KBASE) – Bundled Academic Subscription for Education

KBASE: Initial Title List – Subject to Change as Titles are Added/Removed

Kanopy BASE (KBASE) centers on a foundational package of approximately 10,000 premium titles. Access is unlimited and simultaneous, delivered via Kanopy’s new web platform and a range of apps.

  • 55% exclusivity (films only available on Kanopy)
  • Comprehensive subject coverage
  • Public performance rights included with many films
  • Authorized users can stream films on their preferred device (phone, tablet, desktop etc.)
  • Administrative portal for detailed reports
  • Download the Kanopy BASE Marketing Toolkit (Digital Marketing Resources)

Oxford University Press logoOxford University Press

Oxford Scholarship Online Front List 2023
The full 2023 collection of ebooks from Oxford University Press covers 27 subject areas, including frontlist titles from all OSO subjects published online from October 2022 through September 2023.

Project MUSE logoProject MUSE

Project MUSE eBook Collection: 2023 Front List
Each year, Project MUSE offers a selection of front list collections that are available for advance purchase, providing access to newly released titles from participating publishers.

Project Muse Collections
The 2023 Annual Frontlist Collections of books on Project MUSE provide early access to newly published books from the more than 200 university press and related scholarly publishers who participate in MUSE book collections. The 2023 Complete Annual Frontlist collection will include over 2,700 new releases. Access to new titles in the collection(s) is available immediately upon their release on the MUSE platform, in a DRM-free format, unlimited simultaneous usage, downloading, and printing.

ProQuest, Part of Clarivate logoProQuest

ProQuest Historical Newspapers & History Vault Plan
New Content, Extension Years, and Perpetual Access: July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024

Perpetual access was purchased in June 2023 for:
Historical Newspapers: The Christian Science Monitor (1908-2009)
Historical Newspapers: The Times of India (1838-2010)

New Content

ProQuest History Vault: 4 new titles

  • Southern Life and African American History, Plantation Records, Part 4
  • Labor Priests: Progressive Politics and the Catholic Church, The Papers of John A. Ryan
  • Rev. J.H. Jackson and the National Baptist Convention, 1900-1990
  • Americans for Democratic Action Records

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: 3 new titles and 1 with new extension years

  • Barron’s Magazine (1921-2007)
  • Louisville Defender 1951-2010
  • London Evening Standard (1827-2010)
  • Extension Years: South China Morning Post 1958-2001

Content no longer included in the Plan

  • The Austin American Statesman (1871 – 1978)
  • Access ended June 30, 2023 (publisher decision)

In addition, CDL purchased perpetual access to Ethnographic Video Online: Volume IV: Festivals and Archives (1970-2022):

Ethnographic Video Online Volume IV (600+ titles) has a focus on curating award- winning titles from contemporary ethnographic film festivals. Volume IV contains the full catalog of anthropology films from Berkeley Media, formerly known as the University of California’s Extension Center for Media.

Readex, A Division of NewsBank logoReadex

Latin American Newspapers, Series 1 & 2
LAN 1 & 2 Title List

Latin American Newspapers Series 1 & 2 was created in partnership with the Center for Research Libraries and its contributing members, and includes online access to more than 300 newspapers published between 1805 and 1922, with titles from more than 20 countries.


De Gruyter and University of California Press logo lockupDe Gruyter and University of California Press

University of California Press eBook Collection 2023 Front List (DeGruyter Platform)
UC Press publishes titles in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

In addition to the new resources listed above, CDL contributed to new and continuing scholarly communication investments.

CDL, in consultation and collaboration with the UC-wide Shared Collections Leadership Group (SCLG), is pleased to invest in several important open resources and tools in Fiscal Year 2022-23, reflecting our commitment to “invest in open” by allocating a portion of our collections funding to the development of open content and infrastructure in support of UC scholarship and teaching.

New and Continuing Scholarly Communication Investments

Bloomsbury Collections logoBloomsbury Open Collections

Bloomsbury Open Collections is a collective-action approach to funding open access books which is currently in its pilot phase. Through this model, Bloomsbury aims to make open access publication available to a wider range of authors by spreading the cost across multiple organizations, while providing additional benefits to participating libraries.

  • The Bloomsbury goal is to make 20 frontlist titles in African Studies and International Development open access immediately upon publication
  • The titles are due to publish between March 2024 and February 2025
  • The UC’s one-year commitment will include one year of access to 194 backlist African Studies and International Development titles
  • Titles may overlap with a library’s previously purchased content, but there is no overlap with Knowledge Unlatched
  • Participating libraries receive permanent access to the 20 included titles, regardless of whether the funding goal is reached and they are made OA
  • If 50% of the targeted funding is raised, participating libraries will receive permanent access to the 10 frontlist titles that are not made OA


The Society of Cultural Anthropology logoThe Society for Cultural Anthropology

CDL contributed to the 2023 Open Access Community Investment Program (OACIP) for Cultural Anthropology, a peer-reviewed Diamond open access journal that publishes ethnographic writing informed by a wide array of theoretical perspectives, innovative in form and content, and focused on both traditional and emerging topics.

Direct to Open (D2O) logoThe MIT Press / Direct to Open (D2O)

MIT D2O Spring 2023 Monographs
MIT Direct to Open Model

With investments from supporting institutions, over 40 scholarly monographs and edited collections from 2023 will be freely accessible worldwide. These new works join the collection of 80 monographs made freely available during the first year of the D2O model. Titles published via D2O are accessible on the MIT Press Direct platform.


Opening the Future logoOpening the Future

CDL funded the 2023 annual fee to get DRM-free, unlimited access to a selection of Central European University and Liverpool University Press backlists, with perpetual access after three years. The publishers use the funding to publish new OA books.

2022 Announcement
About the Model

CDL Invested in Two Open Access Platforms and Services

Open Education Network logoOpen Education Network

OEN Membership (new) for all 10 campuses

  • OEN (Open Education Network) is a not-for-profit started at the University of Minnesota to support open textbooks, and specifically the Open Textbook Library, OEN has expanded to become a community that “advances the use of open educational resources and practices” in “both vision and practice.”


SciPost logoSciPost

SciPost (announced last year – continuing)

  • SciPost is a not-for-profit open repository publishing infrastructure, which includes innovations such as “peer-witnessed refereeing,” a form of open peer review. SciPost is managed by scientists. There are no author fees, and authors retain copyright when submitting for publication in SciPost.