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New Filtering Capabilities in the AGUA On Demand Comparison Tool

The WEST AGUA Development Team has recently released new filtering options for the AGUA On Demand Comparison tool. Users may now choose to filter what titles are included in their results by Archiving Program or by Validation Actions. 

AGUA On Demand Comparison Tool filters for Archiving Program and Validation Actions

  • Archiving Program. Users may choose to filter their results to include only titles archived by WEST, by one of WEST’s Rosemont Alliance partner programs, or by another shared print program that does not participate in Rosemont. 
  • Validation Actions. Users may choose to filter their results to include only titles that have been validated for completeness, condition, both, or neither. 

Please note that these filters search for titles that meet the filter criteria and return all holdings for those titles. This means that the only titles that are included in the reports are those that meet the filter criteria, but users will still be able to see all retained holdings for those titles.

Detailed instructions for using the filters and interpreting results are available in Appendix 1 of the AGUA User Manual.

These are the first of several planned filters which the AGUA Development Team will release over the coming weeks. WEST is seeking feedback on these filters and the results that members receive when using them: please send any and all comments and questions to the WEST Project Team.

A demonstration of these new filters will be included in the WEST Member Meeting pre-meeting workshop on deselection resources. WEST members are strongly encouraged to attend that workshop as well as the following Member Meeting. Please register in advance:

Please note: Due to the strategic planning function of this year’s WEST Member Meeting, participation will be limited to only staff from WEST member libraries.