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Journal of Right-Wing Studies Launches on eScholarship “in a period of extraordinary right-wing mobilization across the globe”

The eScholarship Publishing program of the University of California is proud to announce the publication of the first issue of the Journal of Right-Wing Studies (JRWS), an open access, nonideological journal that “seeks to promote research, dialogue, and debate on all aspects of right-wing politics, past and present, in the West and around the globe.” JRWS is operated by UC Berkeley’s Center for Right-Wing Studies, which has, over the past fourteen years, become an important hub for scholars and institutions.

In his inaugural editorial, the journal’s editor in chief Larry Rosenthal states, “We are launching the journal in a period of extraordinary right-wing mobilization across the globe. Democracy versus autocracy has become a standard talking point of liberal politicians in the Western world.  Militant movements in these countries have aligned ideologically with illiberal regimes where political discourse focuses on maintaining ethnic, religious, gender and racial hierarchies in the name of ‘traditional’ values versus the imposition of the ‘woke’ agenda.” 

JRWS will be published open access, at no cost to readers or authors, through the University of California’s eScholarship Publishing program, managed by the California Digital Library (CDL). “The publication will offer an important venue for interrogating the fundamental cultural and geopolitical tensions associated with right-wing politics that are increasingly defining our times. We are pleased to add this title to our eScholarship journals program and look forward to its ongoing success as an institutionally supported open access journal,” says Catherine Mitchell, Director of Publishing, Archives, and Digitization at the California Digital Library. 

JRWS joins more than 90 UC-affiliated, open access journals published by eScholarship across a broad range of disciplines and serving a global audience.

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