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New Shanghai Library Chinese Resources

Six UC campuses (Berkeley, Irvine, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Santa Cruz) have licensed the Chinese resources listed below, provided by Shanghai Library.

Chinese Periodical Full-text Database (1911-1949) Series 12 

(under the Advanced Search you should see options in the facets for each Series 1-12, with access depending on what your campus has)

The database covers around 10,000,000 pieces of literature in about 20,000 different kinds of periodicals published between 1911 and 1949. As an important part of the historical archive, this database has significant academic and historical values. It not only helps reproduce the unique historical features of the period from 1911 to 1949 and restore the historical memory, but also enriches the digital resources of periodicals for academic research on the history of this period.


The Late Qing Dynasty Periodical Full-text Database (1833-1911) Supplement 1 & 2 

(under the Advanced Search you should see options in the facets for Supplement and Supplement 2)

This database covers over 600,000 pieces of historical documents from 600 periodicals published during 1816~1911. The extensive collection has covered almost all the periodicals published during such critical periods later known as the Opium Wars, Westernization Movement, Reform Movement of 1898 and Revolution of 1911. It contains the Women’s Periodicals that advocated women’s liberation and mental enlightenment, the Four Major Late Qing Dynasty Novel Journals as emerged during the great flourishing period of novels of the late Qing Dynasty, the Vernacular Chinese Periodicals founded to explore the people’s mind and spread new knowledge, and the Science and Technology Periodicals which introduced new technologies and spread scientific knowledge.


Complimentary content: Comprehensive Collection (1874-1949) series 1 & 2 

《报纸综合专辑》Series 1-2 are complimentary (out of 3 total to be published). Series 1 & 2 contain a total of 300 ephemeral and non-mainstream newspapers from the Republic of China (1911-1949), provided as a complimentary gift to the 6 participating campuses. Whereas 144 titles in Series 1 have been made immediately available to the six participating UC campuses for the Minguo & Late Qing supplements, the 156 titles in Series 2 are scheduled to open upon its completion before March 31, 2024. As most titles in the collection are not yet owned by UC, the new addition fills our collection gap. 

(Found under the Advanced Search > Newspapers > Chinese Newspaper of Modern China > Comprehensive Collection)


The campus contact for this resource is Ying Zhang (UCI).