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SCP Update – May 2023

Highlights on Titles Cataloged for CDL-Managed Electronic Collections in April 2023

  • ACM Digital Library Complete: 7
  • Cambridge eBooks without Partner Presses: 2022 All Books: 2 (GOBI)
  • Gerritsen Women’s History Collection of Aletta H. Jacobs: 3,985
  • IEEE Electronic Library (IEL): 323
  • JSTOR Books DDA: 848
  • Springer English/International eBooks 2023 – Full Set: 1,069 (GOBI)
  • Springer German Language eBooks 2023 – Full Set: 90 (GOBI)
  • Wiley Online Library All English Titles 2022: 5 (GOBI)
  • Bib records for electronic collection records: 23

Highlights on Other Activities:

  • Taylor and Francis eBooks Collections reconciliation: It has taken extra time to work with the content provider and reconcile the contents we have access to for this, one of the more complicated packages for reconciliation. The ERT has finally made some progress, by loading and activating titles in the collection: Taylor & Francis eBooks (STMnetbase/CRC Press) 2021-2022.
  • GOBI gap analysis continues: Cambridge 2021 and 2022 gap analysis are completed, loading of the missing records is in progress.
  • Apabi bankruptcy: CDL has received a notice in April from Apabi who has filed bankruptcy. The access to Apabi contents (eBooks, yearbooks, references, newspapers and image files) is scheduled to be shut down June 15, 2003. Apabi later told us the access will extend beyond June 15 for their oversea customers until the end of year. Meanwhile Apabi is willing to provide a data file of UC perpetual access either to put on a remote server or hard disc. CDL has been actively looking into what would be the best way to maintain the access through this change. 


Report an Alma/Primo VE problem: This page outlines how and when campuses should report access issues to CDL. This page can be found under CDL’s Report a Problem page under “Report a SILS (Alma or Primo VE) Problem”.