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Welcome Jing to UC3

I’m delighted to announce that Jing Jiang is a member of the UC3 development team as a Senior Software Developer (PA4).  Jing will be supporting the persistent identifier portfolio as the technical lead for its accompanying identifier services EZID and ROR.

Jing brings with her a wealth of experience in system design, software development, and applications operations which she has gained since her arrival at CDL in 2015.  Then, as a member of the D2D team, she worked on large-scale complex production systems, the Zephir HathiTrust metadata management system, and the WEST region print journal archiving program.  More recently, Jing designed and developed the Open Access (OA) publisher data management application for the Transformative Agreements Collections Team (TACT). Jing also has extended her curiosities in AI, machine learning, and linked data, sharing knowledge and solutions at CDL’s TechX sessions.

Now, as a member of the Identifier community, Jing will add value to the identifier portfolio gaining awareness of the technical complexities, connections, and interactions within the Identifier ecosystem.  She’ll partner with the Identifiers team, product manager Maria Gould and developers Rushiraj Nenuji and Dave Vieglais, to understand user needs and requirements, gain an understanding of the technical implementations of identifier systems, and eventually build functionality into these systems.

Please join CDL in welcoming Jing to the UC3 team and congratulating her on the advancement in her software development career.