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New Enhancements to the AGUA On Demand Collection Comparison Report

WEST is pleased to announce enhancements to the On Demand Collection Comparison (ODCC) tool available in AGUA, WEST’s collection comparison and decision support tool. This project focused updates on the ArchivedComparison report, which provides detailed information about retained copies of journals matching the input report. 

New features and columns:

    • Additional optional fields in the input report. When using the ODCC, users submit a CSV file that includes OCLC numbers, ISSNs, and several optional fields of locally-relevant information that should be included in the output reports to facilitate review. The number of optional fields has been increased from 4 to 10, increasing the usability and flexibility of the ODCC. The output reports will include all columns found in the input report, and will not include any unused optional columns.
  • Validation actions. The new ArchivedComparison report now reflects the 583$a validation actions (“completeness reviewed” and “condition reviewed”) found in the disclosure record. This clarifies the validation information included in the report and disambiguates the validation status of higher risk materials.
  • Validation level. Additionally, the report now states the level at which materials were validated, including volume-level, issue-level, and page-level.
  • Count of US OCLC Institutions. Building on the success WEST has seen incorporating national holdings information into the collections analysis, this information is now exposed in the ODCC to enhance local review and facilitate decision making.

Additionally, the following fields have been renamed for clarity and precision:

Old name

New name

Reason for the change

Completeness Validation

Completeness Validation Notes

Clarifies what information is included in this column

Condition Validation

Condition Validation Notes

Clarifies what information is included in this column

Rosemont Archived

Rosemont Program

Clarifies that this field reports the Rosemont Alliance membership status of the archiving program (holdings level information)


Full instructions for using the On Demand Collection Comparison tool are available in the AGUA User Manual (Appendix 1, starting on page 21).

Additional enhancements are planned for the On Demand Collection Comparison report during Phase 6 Development, specifically the creation of an additional output report for duplicate unarchived copies of titles archived by WEST members. Stay tuned for more updates!