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SCP Update – December 2022

Highlights on Titles Cataloged for CDL-Managed Electronic Collections in November 2022

  • ACM Digital Library Complete: 127
  • JSTOR Books DDA: 2,264
  • Cambridge eBooks without Partner Presses: 2022 All Books: 111 (GOBI)
  • Wiley Online Library All English Titles 2022: 36 (GOBI)
  • Collection level records: 14



Highlights on Other Activities:

  • SCP has been working on new collections and finished 
    • ProQuest Historical Newspapers 
    • Kamakura Ibun, park of JapanKnowledge
    • Post-Perestroika Newspapers, part of the Global Press Archive Phase 2 collections
  • SCP has been continuing to work with ERT manager and members on reconciliation collections
    • Wiley Online Library Frontlist All English Titles 2021: reconciliation complete, gap titles identified and added
    • IEEE Electronic Library (IEL): after lengthy investigation and communication with the provider, the collection will be used: Collection ID: 61403082410006531. It includes proceedings, journals, standards and ebooks. Other related collections that have been activated during migration will be deactivated. SCP will start to add/update catalog records for conference proceedings.
    • Trans Tech analytic titles: in process to identify collections for analytical titles to be activated
    • SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics): in progress
  • Training for Jason Chodur on batch cataloging has been completed. Thanks to Liz Miraglia (UCSD colleague) and Kate Garvey-Clasby for providing training. During the training, Jason also practiced deleting a HathiTrust local collection and portfolios in the Sandbox, as well as developing an indication rule and normalization rule to remove a CZ 906 field for SCP-replaced CZ bib records. Training on collections assigned to him will start in January 2023. 
  • Status about ICPSR and CDI: when CDL ERT activated CDI for this collection, we encountered a problem with access. ExL finally got back to CDL that they have fixed the problem. Campuses should have access to its contents. Please feel free to test and see about the potential duplication issue with existing bibliographic and portfolio records. 
  • HathiTrust local collection & portfolios: SCP had 9677 local HathiTrust portfolio records (HathiTrust Digital Library (Local-OA) Collection ID: 61463249050006531) that were migrated as by-product of titles from other licensed collections. These portfolios have been put into a local collection to be determined right after migration. SCP has not brought any HathiTrust links since migration. With the CDI activated for HathiTrust Digital Library Full View U.S. Only, SCP has removed all HathiTrust local portfolios and the local collection after consultation with SCP-AC. 
  • HathiTrust Digital Library Full View Worldwide: Recently CDL E-Resource Team (ERT) learned that a UC user discovered a CDI record for a HathiTrust full view content but didn’t have a link to the full-text resource. Because it is in the HathiTrust Digital Library Full View Worldwide collection that CDL ERT has not activated CDI in the Alma Network Zone. This collection has over 4.5 million scanned works provided in CDI records including contents UC campuses contributed to the HathiTrust. In order for our users to have immediate access upon discovery, ERT would like to activate the CDI of this collection. An email message has been sent to the SILS Eresources, SILS Resource Management, SILS Discovery groups, and SCP-AC to ask campuses to have cross-function discussion and provide feedback by December 15. All campuses have support to activate this collection. SILS Resource Management Subteam is planning on hosting a UC-wide session on HathiTrust in Primo that will include an overview of these collections and other resources.
  • Alma CJK Reindexing: After testing the TSVCC setting used for reindexing, we found it didn’t provide cross-mapping for Hangul and Hancha, and the two settings are mutually exclusive. Because cross-mapping of Chinese characters is the main issue that effects searching results across CJK language, the majority of EAS CKG voted to support TSVCC. Meanwhile, SILS Resource Management (RM) decided to form a subgroup on Alma CJK reindexing. Upon volunteer call to the UC EAS CKG group, Tomoko Bialock (UCLA), Haiqing Lin (UCB), Naomi Shiraishi (UCB), Junko Tanaka (UCLA), Ying Zhang (UCI) become the members of the subgroup, as well as members from RM: Liz Miraglia (UCSD), Hermine Vermeij (UCLA), and Shi Deng (UCSD/CDL). The subgroup had its first meeting on Dec. 5 and determined its short term goal to confirm implementation of TSVCC at our next indexing update in May, and long term goal to figure out how we can continue to improve the indexing/mapping. 
    • PID service update: Thanks to campuses who have been sending their feedback to CDL. CDL reviewed the feedback and called for a small group, including SCP catalogers, to evaluate the best option moving forward starting in early January 2023. Stay tuned. 

    Report an Alma/Primo VE problem: This page outlines how and when campuses should report access issues to CDL. This page can be found under CDL’s Report a Problem page under “Report a SILS (Alma or Primo VE) Problem”.