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Welcome Jason Chodur!

Please join me in welcoming Jason Chodur to the California Digital Library. Jason Chodur joins the Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) of the Shared Collection as a Metadata and Extraction, Transformation & Loading Specialist, beginning October 3, 2022. In his new role, Jason has primary responsibility for electronic collection cataloging management.  These responsibilities include determining and employing effective strategies to analyze, extract, manipulate, transform and load large-scale data for bibliographic and inventory record creation and maintenance of CDL-managed electronic resources; developing and applying batch processing techniques; using a variety of programs and tools that further automate cataloging and MARC data ETL processes; assisting team members with ETL-related tasks; and performing original, enhancing, and complex copy cataloging of electronic resources. Before joining the SCP, Jason worked in the UC San Diego Library Content Acquisitions and Resource Sharing Program as an acquisition specialist and held other positions as well. Jason will bring his experience in data manipulation, workflow documentation and working with e-resources from his previous positions in the UC San Diego Library.

Jason has B.S. in Management Science, UC San Diego.

We are thrilled to have Jason onboard with SCP. Welcome, Jason!