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SCP Update – July 2022

Highlights on Titles Cataloged for CDL-Managed Electronic Collections in June 2022

  • ACM Digital Library Complete: 167
  • Airiti Books (華藝中文電子書) (Local-L DDA): 263
  • Cambridge University Press online books: 3157 (brought from CDL IZ)
  • Cambridge eBooks without Partner Presses: 2022 All Books: 199 (GOBI)
  • J-DAC, Digital Archives Center (Local-L): 4
  • JSTOR Books DDA: 780
  • Open Indiana (Local-OA): 200 (New)
  • Project MUSE Open Access Books: 134
  • Springer English/International eBooks 2022 – Full Set: 764 (GOBI)
  • Springer German Language eBooks 2022 – Full Set: 77 (GOBI)
  • SuperStar e-Book Collection (Journals): 681 (brought from CDL IZ)
  • Wiley Online Library All English Titles 2022: 48 (GOBI)
  • Collection level records: 45

2022-06-Total Portfolio Count of CDL-Managed Electronic Collections

2022-06-Collection level bib records of CDL-Managed Electronic Collections


As we are ending the fiscal year 2021-2022, here is a glance at  the SCP-managed bibliographic records in the Alma Network Zone

  • Total bib records: 121,449
  • eBooks: 99,514
  • eJournals: 21,830
  • Other formats: 105 

Highlights on Other Activities:

  • SCP is in the process of recruiting the LP4 position that was vacated in January 2022
  • SCP is working with ERT on launching newly-licensed resources
  • Status on transitioning DragonSource:  684 PIDs have been redirected to new URLs. Among them, 330 links are in the vendor’s current title list. While, 354 links (346 titles) were dropped from the title list at some point in the past. With the vendor’s opening the entire journal collection content to UCs,  there will be 2700 new titles for cataloging after removing the 346 withdrawn titles. Since the cataloging of these new titles is East Asian bibliographers’ lower priority for its popular magazine nature, SCP will put it aside until later. Removing 354 portfolios and updating 346 bib records to reflect the current availability of Dragonsource journals in Alma is a challenge and requires testing and  new procedure documentation. SCP expects to finish the processing in next month.  
  • Status on transitioning Encyclopedia of Taiwan: The 309 PIDs at individual title level were matched to the new links with completely different title ID. The redirection of them were completed except for one title that is attached to another title without an individual URL.  Among the 309 titles, 39 titles on both of the website and title list have at least an incorrect character. These issues had been forwarded to Sheila, East View representative, who had sent a request to the producer for a solution. A great new feature for the title-level links is that they are accessible directly without an extra authentication step as they were before. The public note for the extra step when accessing the content in Alma will be deleted to reflect the change soon.
  • Status on National Academies Press: after investigation, ERT found that the NAP CZ collection is a subscription that we couldn’t activate the full collection. Instead, SCP activated the collection record only, and in the week of July 11-15 SCP just finished bringing SCP records from CDLIZ with updated OCLC records, then linked portfolios to CZ.  
  • Cataloging titles in Gerritsen Collection is underway. This is a CZ activated collection. The CZ bib records are KBART records (with only title and publisher data elements); thus we are planning to use OCLC records. The collection has about 4500 records
  • ERT is looking at if we can create a monthly report to provide information on collections being activated in a month, so campuses would be able to find out what collections have been activated and added for that month. 


Report an Alma/Primo VE problem: This page was created outlining for campuses on how and when they should report access issues to CDL. It is also linked from CDL’s Report a Problem page under “Report a SILS (Alma or Primo VE) Problem”.