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AGUA Development Phase 6 Planning Kickoff – WEST Member Input Requested

During ‘off years’ of the WEST collection analysis cycle, WEST works on identifying and building out enhancements to AGUA, our collection analysis and decision support system. In previous Development Phases the WEST governance committees have prioritized a range of projects, including enhancements to the backend to increase automation and improve our ability to perform the collection analyses that underpin our work as well as on the front end by adding improvements to the interface and building new reports to support local collection management decisions. Additionally, WEST may consider opportunities to collaborate with other organizations doing similar work to pool resources to develop products and services that benefit WEST and the wider community.

WEST is currently in the beginning planning stages for the next AGUA development cycle, Phase 6. To help aid in this planning, WEST is soliciting input from all staff at all member institutions to help identify enhancements that will improve day to day use of AGUA and help support local collection management workflows and decision making. Please submit any enhancement ideas through this form by April 29 (you may submit multiple times if you have several enhancement proposals you would like WEST to consider):

Enhancement proposals will be reviewed by the WEST Operations and Collection Council, which will identify development priorities for the coming year. If you have any questions about the process or would prefer to submit your ideas over email, please contact Anna Striker at