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Introducing Digital Preservation Leadership and thanking past members of the Working Group

Dear UC Library colleagues

We are writing to inform you of the newly formed Digital Preservation Leadership Group (DPLG) within the UC Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS)  structure. This group is charged by the Direction and Oversight Committee (DOC) to lead the University of California in the area of UC-wide digital preservation. The DPLG reports to the UC Libraries Direction & Oversight Committee (DOC) and is a component of the University of California Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS). As a way to advance the goals articulated in the Annual Plan and Priorities of the UC Libraries, this Leadership Group will spearhead future collaborative efforts, provide strategy and expertise, and act as the guiding body for information dissemination and sharing across the UC around digital preservation. DPLG has already presented some of the work the group has been doing at CNI Fall 2021 Members’ Forum and at the UC Libraries Forum 2021

We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the past members of the Digital Preservation Strategy Working Group Phase 1.0, Digital Preservation Strategy Working Group 2.0, and Digital Preservation Strategy Working Group Phase 2.5 for their hard work in shaping and helping to identify and build a community of practice around digital preservation in the UC Library system with the primary goal of preparing a path for collective action in the stewardship of the content types held in common by the ten campuses and CDL.


Rice Majors (DOC liaison to DPSWG Phase 1) 

Sarah Troy (DOC liaison to DPSWG Phase 2 and 2.5)

Salwa Ismail (DOC liaison to DPLG)