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Rosemont Alliance Executive Committee 2021 Annual Meeting

The Rosemont Alliance Executive Committee held its annual ‘in person’ meeting virtually on December 6. The Executive Committee received updates from the Operations Committee on the Rosemont Alliance task list and progress made in pursuit of the strategic directions, reviewed, discussed, and endorsed revised strategic directions for 2022-2024 (focused on collection growth and security, shared policies or guidelines, advocacy and engagement with other programs, and infrastructure), and discussed preliminary impressions of the CCH Summit (held December 1-2) and possible implications for the Rosemont Alliance. 

Two major themes emerged during the discussions: foregrounding DEI more in all initiatives, and reviewing Rosemont’s points of commonality and overlap with the Partnership for Shared Book Collections. The Executive Committee encouraged the Operations Committee to review policies to identify and remove barriers to participation, identify strategies for making Rosemont data more actionable by the shared print and library communities, and identify areas of overlap with the Partnership to deduplicate effort and align the work of these two complementary federations. A next step for the Operations Committee is to develop the 2022 task list acting on these and other recommendations that align with the new strategic directions.

In 2022, the Executive and Operations Committees will have new Chairs:

  • 2022 Executive Committee Chair: Michael Levine-Clark, Dean, University of Denver, WEST
  • 2022 Operations Committee Chair: Ben Walker, Associate Dean, Discovery, Digital Services and Shared Collections, University of Florida, FLARE

The Rosemont Shared Print Alliance and Partnership for Shared Book Collections will be holding a joint member meeting in early February: