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WEST Cycles 12 & 13 Call for Unarchived Holdings & Webinar

WEST is getting ready to identify the next round of archiving priorities for archiving Cycles 12 & 13!  We are therefore asking all WEST Members (Full and Supporting) to provide MARC bibliographic and holdings data for your currently held, unarchived, print format journals. We use this data to compare and analyze journal collections across the WEST membership. If you’ve submitted files in the past, please send a refreshed file of unarchived holdings, rather than resending a file submitted for any previous analysis cycles. If you are a Full Member but are not planning to participate in this year’s collections analysis, please inform Anna Striker (

Please provide this data as soon as you are able, but if at all possible, by Friday October 15.

WEST will host a webinar on September 23 from 1-2pm PT where we will discuss the projects we are pursuing in Cycles 12 & 13 and provide an overview of the unarchived file submission process. WEST members can register in advance for this webinar (registration is limited to only WEST members): The session will be recorded and shared with members for asynchronous viewing.