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Tran Ha moves on

We’re saddened, but also pleased, to report that Tran Ha, our Open Access Data Analyst, will be leaving CDL in the near future to embark on an exciting career shift toward the field of coffee.  Tran will be reducing her time commitment with CDL starting this Monday, July 19; she will continue part-time through the summer and her final day with CDL will be Friday, September 10.

Tran joined CDL in March of 2020 and quickly became a valued member of the Transformative Agreements Collections Team, where she has done much to support our discussions with publishers about transformative agreements and to develop data visualizations and assessment outputs that allow us to better understand the outcomes of our agreements.  Additionally, Tran has spearheaded partnerships with external colleagues to provide data analysis to other institutions and to engage in development and implementation of open shared infrastructure to support reporting and communications in our agreements.

During her part-time this summer, she will be taking prerequisite courses in order to apply to graduate school.  She plans to contribute her data skills to coffee research and ultimately work with coffee producers in her home country of Vietnam (fun fact: Vietnam is currently the world’s 2nd largest coffee producer after Brazil).  Please all of CDL in wishing her well on her new endeavor!