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CDL, CRL & HathiTrust Collaboration Update

The CDL, CRL, & HathiTrust Shared Print Collaboration (CCH Collab) continues to act on its guiding principles of transparency, inclusion and responsiveness, focusing their 2021 activities on increasing community engagement and improving technology solutions supporting shared print. The Collab has provided a brief written update for the Print Archive Network (PAN) on their 2021 activities and next steps for moving the conversation forward. Their activities include the development of a communications plan to engage the community, and iterative conversations on embedding shared print in the collections lifecycles and the tools that support regular library work.

Please reach out to CDL Shared Print Program Manager, Alison Wohlers, with any questions ( 


CDL, CRL & HathiTrust Collaboration PAN update – June 2021

The Collaboration continues to act on our principles of transparency, inclusion and responsiveness. To this end, we have posted our 2021 strategic plan on our website. Our two objectives this year are increasing community engagement and improving technology solutions supporting shared print.

Engaging the community

The Collaboration continues to liaise with the Rosemont Alliance and The Partnership for Shared Book Collections to share information with their members. In the spirit of transparency, we have posted our communication plan and welcome feedback on additional ways to engage the community.

Improving technology solutions

Collections lifecycle and tools that support it
The first step toward improving technology solutions supporting shared print is understanding the full lifecycle of collections through the work done at each stage. The Collaboration drafted a collections lifecycle model, gathered feedback on the model from expert practitioners in a series of focus groups, and held two public webinars, May 12 & May 18, to share what we learned in the focus groups and elicit wider feedback.

To continue to engage with the community, an editable version of the lifecycle is available for commenting. A quarterly review of comments is planned to incorporate new ideas into the lifecycle document.

Insights gained from the focus groups, webinars and lifecycle comments are forming the foundation for planning a summit to engage library technology and service providers in improving available technology solutions.

Collection comparison tool
In January 2021, the Collaboration released the first free and openly accessible collection comparison tool that enables libraries to compare their serial holdings to those committed to shared print programs and trusted digital repositories as disclosed in the PAPR database.

We welcome feedback on the tool, tips for other users and user stories about how the tool is supporting your collection decision making.