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New publication: AGUA Technical Team Accomplishments on Major WEST Development Project

The AGUA team has recently published an article in the Code4Lib Journal describing a major development project the team executed during the fourth WEST Development Phase (Phase 4), completed in 2019. This development project enhanced the AGUA system’s ability to match member-contributed serials records to Ulrich’s journal data, the foundation of the WEST collections analysis and retention proposal work, by creating an iterative series of matching routines that AGUA used to identify related journal titles using a number of bibliographic data points. Following enhancements, a total of 921,127 records (54%) were assigned a journal family ID. This was an improvement of 6% over the previous collection analysis cycle, pre-enhancement, increasing the number of journals eligible for retention proposal and providing a more complete picture of WEST members’ serials holdings than was previously possible.

The full paper is now available in issue 51 of the Cod4Lib Journal: (Issue 51, June 14, 2021) (article link) 

WEST extends a hearty congratulations to the AGUA team for this accomplishment and sincere thanks for all their hard work and support of the WEST program.