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Shared Print Functionalities Across OCLC Services

In their continued support of shared print, OCLC has released a guide to accessing shared print information in various OCLC products based on commitments registered by institutions and programs. All commitments must be registered using WorldShare Collection Manager, but there are a number of other OCLC products that display shared print information after materials have been registered. OCLC’s new reference guide helps users navigate the new information and describes not only how archiving institutions can edit and update their holdings, but also how any institution, archiver or non-archiver, can leverage this new shared print ‘flag’ to search for and identify shared print commitments in other institutions and programs. Information is included for the following products and services:

  • FirstSearch
  • Connexion
  • WorldShare Record Manager
  • WorldShare Collection Manager


You can find the new reference guide on OCLC’s website:

Further information about OCLC’s support for shared print registration is available through OCLC’s Metadata Services: