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SCP Weekly File Distribution ends in March 2021

In order for SCP staff to have enough time to prepare SCP and MARCIVE records for the SILS Cutover migration, the date for the last weekly file distributions will be Monday, March 29, 2021. It marks the end of an era of SCP weekly MARC record file distribution services that was started in 2000.

SCP staff plan to catalog Elsevier journal titles and make a special file distribution in April 2021 as part of the CDL newly licensed e-resource launch process.

SCP Response to CDL Helpline Requests

Between post-file distribution and the date of SCP cutover file extraction (TBD), SCP staff will continue to support the following CDL Helpline requests in collaboration with CDL Helpline Team and CDL Acquisitions Team:

  • Requests on access linking problems that just need changing links in the PID and BIBPURL resolvers.
  • Report on access problems that result in setting either a monograph or a serial record for deletion.
  • Report on problems that result in updating the coverage of a serial title.

All other requests will be put on hold until post-migration. Please be mindful about sending helpline requests and limit only to resource access issues (URLs) for existing cataloged titles.

Communicate the status of CDL Helpline Requests:

CDL Helpline Team and SCP will create a Google sheet on SCP records that campuses need to update or delete. SCP will send a weekly notice from the Google sheet to system liaisons via the list: SCPSYS-L@LISTSERV.UCOP.EDU.