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Seeking Stories on Innovative Publishing Projects for the OSC Blog

Have you caught wind of an exciting open access publishing project on your campus? If so, the “Innovative Publishing Models” working group of the Office of Scholarly Communication (OSC) wants to hear from you! We are collecting examples of recent and creative open-access publishing projects at UC to highlight on the “OA Innovations @ UC” page of the OSC website.  

We welcome any nominations of work by UC scholars. Projects can be highlighted as stories or interviews for the OSC blog. Or, if you prefer simply to draw our attention to the work, that’s fine too. Three previous stories focused on:

To learn more about this initiative and what might qualify as an “innovative publishing” project, view our guidelines and goals for this effort.

Please email us at with the details of any proposed project and indicate whether you would like to write about it for the OSC site, and share this request with others in your library who may be interested. Note: while we are eager to learn more about the innovative work happening on your campus, we may not be able to feature all proposals.

With thanks,

Mitchell Brown
Martha Stuit
Catherine Mitchell
Katie Fortney
Daniella Lowenberg

On behalf of the UC Office of Scholarly Communication