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CDL, CRL & HathiTrust Shared Print Collaboration collection comparison tool release

The WEST Project Team is pleased to acknowledge and report on the announcement of the CDL, CRL & HathiTrust Collaboration collection comparison tool release. The release of this publicly available, collection comparison tool brings new capabilities and network-level connections to our community. 

In 2020, CDL, WEST’s administrative host, joined with CRL and HathiTrust to take the lead in building on the last decade of shared print efforts to realize an interconnected and open infrastructure that embeds shared print more completely in library services and operations. The collection comparison tool is only the first step in this vision, allowing all libraries to easily access and analyze shared print and digital repository data.

The tool can be accessed at

Please see the full press release for more details. To find out more about the CDL, CRL & HathiTrust Collaboration for Shared Print Infrastructure, please visit the newly launched website: Recordings from webinars introducing the collection comparison tool are available under the News section of the website. 

What does this mean for WEST users? 

Members now have access to more data and analytical options. Because the tool compares directly against the public, CRL-hosted Print Archives Preservation Registry (PAPR), WEST users now have direct comparison access to the most complete and up to date registry of shared print journals and serials data from across North America. Further, this new tool provides easy access to compare against HathiTrust Digital Library serials and journals data. This means that users can analyze and take action on both print and digital fronts at the same time. 

The in-house comparison tool available in AGUA, the On Demand Collection Comparison Report, is still the most comprehensive and up to date option for comparisons against the WEST archived titles registry, but the newly deployed tool, connects WEST to the broader shared print landscape, including our partners in the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance, and brings the creativity and resources of a broader community in to support future iterations and expansions on this capability. 

Please send any questions to WEST Program Manager, Alison Wohlers, at