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JRNL Updates – New Gap Statement Enhancement

The Journal Retention and Needs Listing (JRNL) program recently unveiled enhancements that change how gaps are managed. In the past, institutions wishing to take advantage of JRNL’s gap filling mechanisms were required to list each missing volume, which contributing libraries had to individually respond to with offers. This requirement, while aimed at supporting detailed and accurate accounting of gaps and helping retaining institutions and contributors alike identify needs in the collective collection, created significant administrative work for both retaining institutions and contributing institutions. The JRNL oversight committee heard the community’s requests for a more streamlined approach and has recently launched an enhancement that allows retaining institutions to list a single gap statement per retained OCLC number, which contributing institutions may offer to fill in part or in total. As a reminder, WEST generates files for export to JRNL for all Archive Holders and Builders, which are updated each year after the Disclosure period. You can find these reports in AGUA:

For more information about the change, see the updated “Gaps” page on the JRNL LibGuide hosted by the University of Florida. For a brief history and overview of JRNL, see the presentation from Ben Walker, Associate Dean, Discovery, Digital Services and Shared Collections, University of Florida, at the most recent PAN Forum in January 2021: