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WEST Cycles 10/11 Archiving Commitments Are Complete!

The WEST project team is pleased to announce that all archiving commitments for Cycles 10/11 have been submitted! For this Cycle, WEST proposed 3,649 journal families to 31 institutions; after reviewing their proposals, 25 institutions committed to 2,770 journal families (a participation rate of 80%, with 76% of proposed journal families committed for archiving). The next step is for Archive Holders to begin updating their records for disclosure and for Archive Builders to start preparing for the physical validation activities they undertake while archiving Silver and Gold titles. As a reminder, the Builders will be issuing ‘calls for holdings’ to WEST members to help fill in gaps and complete their Silver and Gold backfiles; all WEST members are highly encouraged to participate in this activity and contribute volumes where possible. To ensure Builders are contacting the correct person at your institution, all Campus Admin users in AGUA are highly encouraged to review your institution’s contacts in AGUA and make any necessary updates. If you have any questions about your user roles or updating your institution’s contacts, please email Anna Striker (

This Archive Cycle comes during a time of enormous challenges to all of our members, and the continuing high level of engagement WEST archivers is a testament to the value WEST archivers place on this work. By committing to retain these journals on behalf of WEST, archiver institutions are continuing to expand and support not only the WEST member institutions and WEST program, but also the wider shared print and scholarly communities by ensuring ongoing availability of these high quality titles.