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EarthArXiv Preprint Server Re-Launches on CDL-Hosted Janeway Platform

Screen shot of EarthArXivCalifornia Digital Library (CDL) is excited to announce the official re-launch of the EarthArXiv preprint server, now hosted by CDL on the Janeway platform. The site provides access to nearly 1,500 recent preprint publications covering a wide range of topics in Earth Science — and researchers who wish to make their findings immediately and openly available can submit papers now.

“EarthArXiv’s partnership with the CDL expands our capacity to grow sustainable open publishing for the Earth sciences,” said Bruce Caron, one of the founders of EarthArXiv. “CDL and the entire University of California system have demonstrated global leadership for open access to scholarly research. UC campuses house major Earth science research and teaching efforts. EarthArXiv looks forward to a promising future in its new home.”

Previously hosted on the Center for Open Science’s Open Science Framework, EarthArXiv marks an expansion of CDL’s eScholarship Publishing program as its first foray into the preprint server space. “We are delighted to host EarthArXiv at the University of California,” says Catherine Mitchell, Director of Publishing, Archives, and Digitization at CDL. “Preprint servers provide rapid access to research findings, encourage timely engagement with new ideas and new discoveries, and reimagine the scholarly communications ecosystem as a community–rather than commercial–space. This work is aligned with both the values and the goals of eScholarship’s open access publishing program, and it’s a great opportunity for UC to support a field that is strongly represented across its campuses.”

CDL staff worked closely with Janeway’s developers over the past four months to ensure the platform met all of the EarthArXiv community’s needs. “We are very excited to be working with California Digital Library and EarthArXiv on the development of Janeway’s preprint service,” said Andy Byer, Senior Publishing Technology Developer at Birkbeck. “Janeway has been built around the ability to rapidly develop new features to meet emerging requirements. The Birkbeck Centre for Technology and Publishing look forward to continuing to develop this promising new facility, and the significant contribution to scholarly publishing that the new preprint service will bring.” Janeway is now positioned as a solid, reliable alternative to commercial preprint server platforms.

EarthArXiv is a member-led, volunteer organization. Earth scientists from across the planet are encouraged to join in and add their ideas and energy to this effort. To stay in touch, follow EarthArXiv on Twitter. To step up to help EarthArXiv, please join its pool of volunteers.