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Introducing new ‘About WEST’ web pages

One of the recommendations made by the WEST governance groups at the 2019 Strategic Planning Session was to “assess and update WEST’s website, curation of documentation, and communication strategies.” To this end, the WEST project team has been working to inventory of content in existing web pages, wikis, and other shared spaces and to draft a new structure for the WEST web pages. The project team is excited to unveil the first section of the WEST website to be overhauled, About WEST:


New About WEST pages
This re-conceived space now includes sections on the history of WEST and  the ongoing value of WEST, highlighting the active and collaborative nature of the WEST program. The main page also includes quick facts and high level information about the WEST archives, which members are encouraged to draw on to support communications about the program to your campus stakeholders. Finally, this new section also contains a new page dedicated to program and operational documents, including the WEST Program Statement and Collection Model, final reports from each of the WEST program assessments, member meeting and instructional presentations, and policies and guidelines for archiving and accessing the WEST collections.