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New Resource: Kōbunsō Taika Koshomoku 弘文荘待賈古書目

“Kōbunsō Taika Koshomoku” is a set of antiquarian books catalogs distributed to customers by Shigeo Sorimachi (1901-1991), who founded the vintage bookstore “Kōbunsō” in 1932. All 10,000 pages from the 77 volumes of Kōbunsō’s catalogs originally published between 1933 and 1984, the bulk of which come from Kōbunsō Taika Koshomoku, were digitized and are included in JapanKnowledge. The catalogs with 20,000+ articles are filled with detailed bibliographical information and a wealth of illustrations, making them a useful reference for philological and bibliographical studies. This acquisition was supported by UCSB Library.“     All Campuses; on the JapanKnowledge platform

UCB’s Toshie Marra ( is the Kōbunsō Taika Koshomoku Resource Liaison.