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Announcing UC access to the entire JoVE portfolio through June 30, 2020

In support of UC’s temporary shift to remote laboratory teaching, the California Digital Library negotiation team, in consultation with UC campus library collections experts, secured expanded access to the JoVE Video Journal for all UC faculty, instructors, students, researchers, clinicians and staff. While JoVE, in response to COVID-19, has made a subset of its video collection freely available until mid-June, UC now has systemwide access to the entire JoVE portfolio through June 30, 2020.

JoVE includes over 11,000 videos in disciplines such as biology, chemistry, engineering, medicine, physics and psychology.  JoVE Science Education consists of brief video demonstrations of labs and experiments to teach core scientific concepts. The peer-reviewed JoVE Video Journal offers videos on new experimental methods, techniques and protocols. JoVE videos can be viewed on their site or embedded into learning management systems.

Please note: all JoVE content has been activated for access by UC IPs, and so registration with JoVE is not required. Cataloging records for these resources have been distributed to campuses; to access UC’s JoVE content, please search your campus library catalog for “JoVE Video Journal” and “JoVE Science Education Library”. 

Campus library experts are available to assist faculty and instructors in identifying additional electronic resources to support remote laboratory teaching and other remote learning needs (for contact information, please see Expanded access to the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE)).  Dr. Cesar Berrios-Otero (, Senior Curriculum Specialist at JoVE, is also available to help identify relevant JoVE content for courses.