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CDL Job Opening: Associate Director of Discovery and Delivery


Shape the future of discovery and delivery.

Position: Associate Director of Discovery and Delivery

About you
You are an experienced leader in the library field. You have experience with product management, team development and management and library technology implementations and operations. You thrive in a high-paced, complex, collaborative, and supportive environment. You effectively collaborate with diverse stakeholders. You love working with both technologies and people.

You want to work on:

  • Relationship building and collaboration with UC campus libraries
  • Expanding and improving discovery and delivery services for UC libraries
  • Responding to new opportunities in statewide, national, and global landscapes
  • Managing a team of library and technology experts

About us
We are the California Digital Library’s Discovery & Delivery Team, based in Oakland, California. We are continuously planning and building the next generation of library services for the University of California and beyond. We need you to help us make it happen. Read more about what we do and learn about the systemwide ILS (SILS) project.

Get details and apply here: