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ACM Digital Library moves to new platform

The ACM Digital Library will be moving to a new platform on Sunday, December 29, 2019, replacing the current platform at the current URL.  The new platform is a vast improvement, visually and functionally, over the current platform. It is also completely mobile responsive, conforming to the user’s mobile device.


Users can try out the new platform by clicking the next ACM DL link on the current platform.

ACM Digital Library: (All Campuses)


Once on the new platform, you can use the selection feature at the bottom of the screen to quickly jump to information on Journals, Magazines, Proceedings, Books, SIGs (Special Interest Groups), Conferences, and People.  Also on the home page, you can Register/Sign In to your ACM web account which allows you to create alerts, save articles and use the new My Binder feature; see below.

On the new platform, search results include many useful options.  For example, Metrics show the number of times the article has been cited, downloaded and when.  Highlights display the search terms in the abstract; see below, left.  Other available options (below, right) include Export Citation, Save to Binder, View online with eReader, and download PDF format.

A video demonstration, highlighting the new platform’s features and functionality is available here:

Per ACM, “There is still a small amount of data that is missing from the Guide to Computing Literature, the publications index of roughly 2.9 million records.  We hope this will be complete by the time of switchover but if not then it should be shortly thereafter.”

UCB’s Brian Quigley ( is the Resource Liaison for resources on the ACM platform.