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New Naxos Music Library 3 Debuts

Users of UC-licensed Naxos Music Library are now being redirected to the new Naxos Music Library 3 platform.     Naxos Music Library       All campuses (except SF), plus LBL

According to the NLM3 platform information, this version incorporates a fresh new look, faster loading times, built in player (no longer a pop up window), new educational resources, and a continually growing library of classical recordings.

New Design

  • The left sidebar (below) is streamlined (combining New Releases, Recent Additions and News; Composers and Artists; and grouping all educational content in a new group called “Resources”), with a neater, cleaner look.
  • Player on every page (right, below) which can slide in and out (hidden) with just 1 click, no longer a pop-up, always there.


  • Loading each page is a lot faster than before, be it opening an album, an artist biography with a list of their recordings, the entire catalogue of a label on the platform, a study guide, a playlist or the list of new releases.
  • Both Keyword Search and Advanced Search are super-fast, showing results in a split second.

New Functions and Features

  • Start to play an album right away without having to make a selection first.
  • Capability to stream videos related to an album.
  • Users can now add albums / works / tracks to Favorites for easy access.
  • Add to Play Queue function allows users to play tracks from multiple albums without having to build them into a playlist first.
  • A dedicated search box on the Composers and Artists section is now available, making it easy and fast to find any particular person.
  • Content is grouped under 18 main categories making it easy to find recordings that you’re particularly interested in.
  • A brand-new Naxos Musicology section is now available (under Resources). It’s a platform for the latest musicological research. Examples of what this offers include: essays on violin-playing, Verdi, Debussy and the politics of race; opinion pieces on “The Future of Listening” and “Ritual Musical Spaces”; and perspectives from composers on their real and imagined musical journeys.
  • Shortcut keys (hot keys) are available to help users control music playback easily, for both Windows and Apple users.


Note: Videos on using the new interface are available by clicking the video camera icon in the screen footer.

UCSB’s Kyra Folk-Farber ( is the Resource Liaison for Naxos Music Library.