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Archived titles reports for Cycle 8 now available!

The Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST) is pleased to announce that the eighth archiving cycle disclosure process is complete. Cycle 8 (2019) annual collection comparison reports are now available for WEST’s full members to download in AGUA. Both full and supporting members have access, at any time, to the All Archived Titles Report and On Demand Collection Comparison report in AGUA.

WEST’s Collection Analyst, Anna Striker, has put together a great set of visualizations reporting on WEST’s archived collections. Check out this WEST Tableau dashboard to learn more about WEST’s archived collections, such as their distribution by institution, region, archive type, and even subject area!

Congratulations and thank you to all. Below are details about the various reports available for your journal review projects and gap-filling efforts.


Collection Comparison Reports – Full Members

If your institution provided records for analysis in fall 2017, a custom collection comparison report has been prepared for you and is available for download in AGUA, WEST’s information center.

To create the collection comparison reports, we compare each library’s holdings against the WEST archived titles. The 2019 institution-specific reports list all titles held locally that have also been archived by WEST (in cycles 1-8). Please note: if your library also serves as an archive holder, your report will not list the titles that your institution has archived locally.


On Demand Comparison Report – Supporting and Full Members

All members have access to the On Demand Collection Comparison report – a capability that allows you to generate a comparison any time of year (not just at the end of the archive cycle) and specify to the journals you want to review locally. To learn more about using this feature, please see this webinar recording. If you would like to view a complete list of WEST archived titles, you can also download the WEST All Archived Titles report in AGUA.


Questions you may have

  • What are the next steps to complete Cycle 8? To complete the cycle, we will 1) transfer WEST archived holdings files to the Center for Research Libraries for inclusion in the PAPR Registry, 2) engage Archive Holders to download JRNL files from AGUA for inclusion in the JRNL system which provides an additional avenue for filling gaps, and 3) gather yearly statistics from all WEST members and Archive Holders for archiving, lending/borrowing, and deselections.
  • Do the WEST Archived Titles for Cycle 8 appear in OCLC WorldCat? Yes, all WEST Archive Holders are expected to load their retention holdings statements into WorldCat using their OCLC Shared Print Symbols and 583 entries. Archive Holders work directly with OCLC to load their retention holdings.
  • Do the WEST Archived Titles for Cycle 8 appear in the CRL PAPR Registry? Not yet, but they will soon. The CDL WEST team works with CRL to transfer curated holdings files for batch loading from AGUA into the PAPR Registry.
  • What’s happening with Cycle 9? It is underway right now. Any Archive Holders who still have Cycles 8 & 9 committed Bronze titles to disclose will have an opportunity in Spring 2020. Our six Archive Builders are working hard to validate and complete runs for Cycle 9 Silver and Gold titles. Please watch out for Calls for Holdings from Archive Builders and respond! A Call for Holdings from one of our Builders is a great opportunity for all members (archivers or not!) to contribute to compiling a complete run of a WEST archived title.
  • What else happens in 2019? At the beginning of September, the WEST Project Team distributed a request for unarchived bib and holdings data from full members to fuel our upcoming collection analysis for Cycles 10 & 11! Please submit your files in AGUA by October 8.


As always, please do not hesitate to contact Alison Wohlers, Shared Print Manager (, with any questions you might have.

Many thanks to the AGUA development team who produced these reports and to all WEST members for another great year!