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Contemporary Women’s Issues database gets enhanced

Gale has begun updating several of its products in order to increase access to library resources online by implementing enhancements designed to improve usability and discoverability. According to the Enhancements Overview, improvements include:

  • Enhanced product platform—Provides a unified experience across Gale products.
  • Upgraded search results—Highlights important evaluative information to support successful user outcomes and help users discover relevant content.
  • Streamlined user interface—Delivers an engaging experience that allows quick access to search tools, relevant content.
  • Concise product names—Presents a greater understanding of Gale products, what they do, and how they’re used to empower learning.
  • Secure product access—Requires the use of HTTPS protocol to ensure that data between a patron’s browser and Gale products is encrypted, and the right to privacy for library users is protected.

Contemporary Women’s Issues (available to UCB, UCLA, UCR, UCSD, UCSF, UCSB, UCSC) is the first of several licensed databases to move to the Gale Onefile interface in July 2019.
Other UC-systemwide licensed Gale resources will be redesigned in the coming months.