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New OA Resource: Hate in America: White Nationalism and the press in the 1920s

CDL one time funds were used for UC’s systemwide contribution to the Reveal Digital “Hate in America” and “Diversity and Dissent” collections. “Diversity and Dissent” will begin digitization in late 2019 and will be announced at that time; “Hate in America” is in the process of being digitized and initial content is available now.
According to the resource description for Hate in America…

To understand today’s version of populism, American nationalism, and the Alt-right, we need to go back to the 1920s when the Klan re-emerged as a slick and successful recruiting and marketing engine that appealed to the fears and aspirations of middle-aged, middle-income, white protestant men in the middle of America. At its peak in 1924, Klan-paid membership exceeded 4,000,000 and its national newspaper, the Imperial Night-Hawk, had a circulation larger than the New York Times.

The Hate in America collection brings together for the first time local, regional, and national newspapers published by Klan organizations and by sympathetic publishers across the U.S. during this period. It also includes anti-Klan voices from newspapers published by ethnic, Catholic and Jewish organizations.

As sustaining members for these OA projects, all UC campuses have early IP access to content until complete collection is digitized and made available to the public. Titles will be made available as they are digitized.    (All campuses; on the Reveal Digital platform)

Fellowship Forum, May 2, 1925