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Meet Noah White – D & D’s new software engineer

CDL’s Discovery and Delivery Team welcomes Noah White as their new software engineer.  Noah will be working primarily on interlibrary loan and machine learning projects.
Noah just graduated from UC Davis where he majored in Computer Science and minored in Physics.  While at Davis, Noah developed a webcomic browser, ported Space Invaders to the Web and worked on a team that ported Warcaft II to a variety of platforms.  In addition to this fun stuff, Noah worked in IT support for Davis’ Department of Food Science, Viticulture and Enology.  As an IT support person, he helped faculty and staff with computer problems and created a Salesforce administrative application for the department.  He also took a course in wine so CDL staff members may be able to benefit from what he learned.
Noah is originally from Elk Grove but has moved down to Oakland where he, very wisely, has moved close to Lake Merritt.  In his spare time, Noah likes to play board games with friends (including Dungeons & Dragons). He also reads a lot of science fiction and fantasy novels and occasionally tries to develop video games.  Welcome to CDL, Noah!