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Nexis Uni upgrade begins today (May 1, 2019)

On Wednesday, May 1, 2019, LexisNexis upgraded the Nexis® resources, including Nexis Uni. Although focused more on their professional resources, a Nexis Upgrade Comparison (Differences) guide that explains the feature differences between the previous Nexis and the upgraded Nexis interface, is also relevant to Nexis Uni.

For example, searching for an exact phrase or company name in the previous version of Nexis did not require using quotes around the phrase. In the upgraded version of Nexis, quotes are needed to search an exact phrase or company name. Regular users of Nexis Uni should definitely check out the interface changes in the Nexis Upgrade Comparison guide listed above. Additional training can be found at

The latest release of Nexis includes an upgrade to the current search technology, including:

  • Boolean search as well as natural language searching capabilities
  • Search engines that strike a balance between recall and precision
  • Phrase recognition and protection
  • Synonyms, word correlations, and alternative forms of root words: for example, “house” would also find “housing” and “housed”

Do you have alerts? If you have alerts on your Nexis account, please know that it may take up to 48 hours to update the alerts with the migration. If you’re still having issues with your alerts after 48 hours, please contact LexisNexis Customer Support at 800-543-6862.

Nexis Uni is available at

As always, you can call LexisNexis Customer Support at 800-543-6862 for help with your password, online navigation or a specific research question.

Harold Colson, UCSD ( is the Resource Liaison for Nexis Uni.