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New Tier 2 Resource: China Data Online is back!

Previously, China Data Online was a Tier 2 license with the University of Michigan’s China Data Center (CDC). Unexpectedly, in September 2018, UM’s China Data Center closed its doors; access was cancelled for all resources.

Recently, four UC campuses (Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, and San Diego) began participation in a Tier 2 license with a new vendor, All China Marketing Research Co., Ltd. (ACMR).        B, D, I, SD; on the All China Data Center platform

The China Data Online ( is the primary data source for China studies. It includes (1) China Statistical Databases; (2) China Census Databases; and (3) China Spatial Data Service (China Geo-Explorer).

  • Statistics are provided on population; national accounts, including Gross Domestic Product and Balance of Payments; employment, labor, and wages; financial and banking data; price indices; government income and expenditures; agriculture; industry, construction, and transportation; domestic and foreign trade; education; health; and natural resources. The data are collected primarily by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, who is charged with the administration of the national statistical information system of China.
  • For “Explanatory Notes on Main Statistical Indicators of Macro-economy,” All China Data Center China Data Online, see
  • China Geo-Explorer (CGE) fully integrates different data sources from government statistics, population census and economics census of China at different levels (province, city, county, township and ZIP code) into a spatial system with more than 6,000 comparable variables for easy access.

Susan Xue (UCB) is the Resource Liaison and the contact for information on this license.